SASSY Process

Interested in pitching us a story? Here’s an overview of our process.

1. Pitch us!

About two months before each show, we’ll put out a call for pitches via various email lists and social media.

In a concise (<500 words) and compelling way, pitch us the story you’re hoping to tell on stage! Here are a few things we look for in pitches:

  • Your pitch should be a story — it should have a beginning, climax, and end. Instead of a full research presentation, think of it as a vignette from your life as a researcher.
  • Your story should be accessible and interesting to a broad audience that is curious about science.
  • Your story should be about you. How did this experience impact you as a person/scientist?

Pitches are reviewed by the SASSY team, and 4-6 are chosen per show. You will hear back about your pitch about one week after submitting. If you’re accepted, you’ll be paired up with a SASSY teammate, who will serve as your point person throughout the rest of the process.

2. Outlines — 1-2 weeks after pitch acceptance

It can help tremendously to draft an outline before diving into writing. You’re welcome to start drafting your piece, but you at least create an outline with your main points. Consider having the following parts of your outline (though this format may not quite work for every story):

Create your outline before the brainstorming session with your SASSY teammate. This brainstorming session can be in person (in non-COVID19 times) or over phone/video — up to you!

3. Full drafts — 3-4 weeks after pitch acceptance ✍️

At this stage, you should have a full draft that is about 1500-2000 words. You’ll receive written feedback from two members of the SASSY team on your draft. There’s also an option to record yourself reading the story & get feedback on that!

4. Final(ish) draft — one week before the show 🗣️

Bring your draft to a rehearsal with the SASSY team and other participants for feedback on your performance. This is also a great time to start memorizing your story!

5. (Optional) final rehearsal 🗣️

A couple of days before the show, we will have an optional final rehearsal. This is a chance to practice your memorized piece and build some confidence before getting on stage.

6. Performance time! 🎤

You’ll perform your ~8 minute, memorized story on the stage!  With your permission, we will record your set and post it on our SoundCloud & social media.